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How to Crack the CA Exam in the First Attempt?

Choosing CA as a career option is certainly a smart choice. There are abundant opportunities for qualified CA professionals and it provides for a challenging and exciting career too. Like any domain you may choose, CA has its own set of challenges. By planning well, working hard, and having a clear goal in mind, you can overcome these challenges and make your career as a Chartered Accountant.

CA Exam

Before stepping into the professional world, a student has to clear the challenging CA examinations. Clearing them opens the path to a flourishing career. It provides dignity, respect in society besides a good lifestyle. However, the passing percentage is very low so students need to be well prepared. Cracking the CA exam in the first attempt is the ultimate goal of every CA aspirant.

In this blog, we have shared a few important tips to crack CA exams in the first attempt with flying colours. Follow them religiously and success is yours. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Regular Studies: The syllabus that the CA course covers is wide and covers a whole range of topics associated with organizations and finance. This requires a lot of effort and hard work to learn and to put the learning into practice too. A student should therefore study regularly for at least 8–10 hours daily. It is recommended to start the CA exam preparation at least 6 months before exams.
  • Prepare a Study Schedule: “A thing that is well planned is well accomplished.” Make sure you have a proper study schedule for efficient exam preparation. The time table should be planned wisely offering equal weightage to all the topics in the syllabus. Divide your entire schedule into slots of 2–2.5 hrs per subject. Set daily targets and try to achieve them regularly.
  • Solve MTPs, RTPs, & Past Year Papers: Goes without saying, that MTPs, RTPs, and past year papers play a very crucial role during exam preparation. Solving them on regular basis helps you to assess yourself and instil a great amount of confidence in candidates. It also gives you an idea of the type of questions asked in the main exam.
CA Exam Preparation
CA Exam Preparation
  • Timely Revision: Your efforts are useless until and unless you don’t revise what you have studied. Always have short and long-term revision goals and deadlines. Like studying daily is important, so is revision. Revision on a daily basis helps you to remember topics you have studied and eventually helps in reducing exam anxiety. However, the revision should be systematic and not haphazard. Without proper and efficient revision, the entire study effort goes to waste. So, make revision a part of your daily study schedule.
  • Self Assessment: Inculcate the habit of challenging and evaluating yourself with solving mock tests, sample papers, and previous year question papers within the given time frame. This practice will boost your confidence and will also provide you with a reality check of your preparation.
  • Have an Ideal Study Environment: The atmosphere in which you study and the aura around you matters the most while concentrating on your course. Choose the environment which is suitable for your efficient exam preparation. Some students work best with a little background noise, while others need complete silence. Get to know your work style and the type of atmosphere you prefer.
  • Get Organized: Being organized makes everything else easier. It increases your productivity and you accomplish more in the same amount of time. Try to make a To-do list while your exam preparation and complete your work according to that schedule. Assign yourself daily realistic targets and try to achieve them. Juggling multiple works and subjects can be stressful. You can help organize your deadlines and manage your time more efficiently with a proper schedule.
  • Refrain from the Virtual World: Instead of surfing social media and Netflix, Hotstar etc. on your mobile phone, invest your time judiciously in studying. CA aspirants should only use the internet for their studies and not waste time on social media. The virtual world has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. You should always focus on the good part, and it is OnePrep. OnePrep app is the most sought-after learning resource for CA aspirants and it has got everything you need to ace CA Foundation, Intermediate, and Final on one single platform.
  • Be Positive: It is the most important requirement of clearing the CA examination. Staying positive throughout your preparation and during the examination will help you to deliver your best. A positive mind will always give positive results.

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So, get going!

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